Performance Appraisal

What Is Performance Appraisal?


Performance appraisal is a tool available for HR professionals to evaluate individually or a team of professionals in the company to measure results, productivity, expectations and other important factors for the success of the organization. According to Adalberto Chiavennit (1999), professor and consultant in the area of ​​people management. defines


Remote team management: what it is and 3 tips on how to implement it


The pandemic moment has driven some changes. One of them is the strong trend towards remote work that can become definitive in many companies. Many businesses were forced to adhere to this regime, which proved to be an interesting and viable alternative for employers and employees. As a result, most companies started to

Machine Learning

Machine Learning: What It Is and How It Works


Machine Learning is the science of making computers act without being explicitly programmed , in other words it is teaching computers to do what is natural to humans and animals, which is to learn from experience . Over the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, hands-on speech recognition, effective web search,

People Management

People Management: What is it? What are the Best Practices and Strategies for 2022?


People Management is considered the true heart of high performance organizations. The fastest growing companies already apply the best People Management Practices. In this article you will learn the main techniques to boost results through People Management. But what is People Management? People Management techniques In short, People Management is the set of